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PVC products application

маятниковые двери для ресторанов и баров

Doors for restaurants

Swing doors provide unimpeded movement of personnel, quickly return to the “closed” state

мягкие окна для беседки

Flexible windows for pavilions

Easy to install and remove. Provide a comfortable stay with family or friends in cool, windy or rainy weather

шторы для автомойки

Car wash curtains

Provide artificial isolation of each place in the car wash for a separate car. Protects from splashes and dirt…

завесы ПВХ для склада

PVC curtains for warehouse

Equipment and employees can easily enter and leave, while maintaining the temperature regime as much as possible in the warehouse and ensuring energy savings

шторы пвх для склада

Warehouse curtains

Maintain the temperature regime inside the warehouse with the possibility of setting the car for loading and unloading

скоростные мягкие ворота

High-speed flexible gates

They allow not only to maintain the temperature regime inside the warehouse, but also to restrict access to unauthorized persons

Why choose our PVC products?

почему выбирают Завеса Украина

Individual approach to every customer. This allows us to achieve the most effective results. We consider the wishes of the customer and the technological features of production. As a result, you receive a project and an estimate from our specialists. We will also offer the most optimal and profitable option for products and accessories.

Customer reviews

I am VERY lucky to have found your site. Thanks for the sensible recommendations and tips. I did not know how to insulate the summer terrace in the cafe in winter. Glass is expensive and not very practical in the summer. A better solution was suggested here – flexible windows! Practical, aesthetically pleasing and warm! I will recommend you to my colleagues.

Serhii / Cafe administrator

I saw these thermal curtains many times, but did not even know that they are called PVC curtains. Thank you for the promptness and the full range of services, so to speak, on a turnkey basis. The costs of purchase and delivery with the installation paid off for us in 2 months of winter only due to energy savings. I’m not even saying that it is so convenient for move of employees and loading equipment inside the warehouse sections and through the entrance gates. In general, thank you…

Ihor / Warehouse of printing house

They trust us