PVC curtains

Thermal curtains or PVC curtains are a fairly budgetary, but effective solution.

PVC curtains colorsPVC curtains allow you to maintain the required temperature regime in the production or warehouse. At the same time, they do an excellent job of protecting the internal space from the penetration of cold in winter, and heat in summer. They also protect against drafts, dust, insects and birds. At the same time, they do not interfere with the movement of equipment and personnel. The use of PVC strip curtains is permissible at temperature fluctuations from -50 to + 90ᵒС. As a rule, thermal curtains are installed in doorways, in production and warehouses. Curtains in refrigerating chambers are also very relevant. Less commonly used for the purpose of zoning a large space. In addition to transparent tapes, PVC tapes of various colors and shades are also on sale.

Advantages of using PVC curtains

Room insulation

far from the only advantage of using PVC curtains

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Along with this, it is also necessary to highlight:

  • significant energy savings for cooling and heating rooms
  • protection of working personnel from drafts, sounds and dust from the street, from the neighboring workshop
  • ability to normalize moisture and temperature indicators in the warehouse
  • increased strength and environmental friendliness of the product
  • effective protection against various insects and even birds
  • quick installation

Examples of PVC curtains

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