Welding screens

Welding is not only hard work, but also very difficult conditions.
Welding screens minimize the impact of bright light on the eyesight of others.

colors of welding PVC curtainsMoreover, the difficulties that arise often affect not only the welders themselves, but also the people around them, and often just random passers-by. Therefore, the use of protective welding screens is necessary in order to protect others.

It is no secret that during such work, bright sparks fly out from the welding machine. Perhaps, they do not pose a serious danger to the life and health of others. But many people experience severe psychological discomfort from this, and sometimes fear, being near the welding work being carried out or even just passing by. In addition, many people know that if you look at this light carelessly and for a long time, then your eyes will hurt for a long time.

A protective screen or welding curtains for welding were created especially for these purposes. They consist of thin metal pipes and semitransparent strips attached to them. This small, lightweight structure can be easily installed in any welding work area and protects it from those who are not directly involved in the process. If necessary, it can be mounted on small wheels and easily moved from place to place. Or it can be made stationary by installing sliding doors for passage into the working area. This option is very convenient for production shops.

Advantages of using PVC welding screens

Insulation of welding areas

far from the only advantage of using welding PVC curtains

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Along with this, it is also necessary to highlight:

  • significant cost savings in comparison with analogues or equipment of a separate room
  • protection of the eyes of workers and others from the effects of the welding arc
  • increased strength and environmental friendliness of the product
  • effective protection against the spread of gases in the workshop
  • quick installation and replacement

What are welding protective screens for?

Welding curtains of such a screen are made of a special PVC material to which sparks flying off during welding do not stick. This means that the service life of such a screen is much longer than that of its counterparts. In addition, this material does not transmit ultraviolet rays. This means that such a shield also provides protection against radiation during welding.

Convenient strip design allows in case of damage to quickly restore the integrity of the screen, removing and replacing only damaged strips. This cost effective solution extends screen life and saves money. All this makes the welding screen irreplaceable equipment, which in the future should be equipped with any site where welding works are carried out in order to comply with safety measures.

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