Extruflex PVC film

The Zavesa-Ukraine company is expanding its range of PVC film TM Extruflex. We offer you more options for PVC tapes:

  • colored
  • transparent
  • translucent
  • special

Which are advantages of using Extruflex PVC film

Extruflex PVC film

successfully used in retail, warehouse, industrial premises

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  • prevents drafts
  • maintains the desired temperature
  • highlights the interior
  • helps to visually separate visitor spaces from technical areas

We offer Extruflex films in different colors

  • red translucent (REF141)
  • blue translucent (REF 135)
  • yellow translucent (REF 127. 427)
  • green translucent (REF 115)
  • honey translucent ( REF 184)
  • opaque orange (REF 162)
  • grey opaque (REF 150)
  • blue opaque (REF 154)
  • black opaque (REF 153)
  • white opaque (REF 156)

Features of Extruflex yellow translucent PVC tape

this is property to scare away insects with its color (REF 127) or the color and smell of “lemon grass” (REF 427).

The Zavesa-Ukraine company invites you to regularly monitor the updating of the assortment of TM Extruflex products on our website.

Zavesa-Ukraine: why should you trust only professionals?

If you decide to buy high-quality PVC products in Kyiv or Ukraine, we advise you to turn to professionals, and we are professionals. There are a number of reasons for this.

First reason. That in the manufacture of PVC products, we use only European quality materials. Direct deliveries from European manufacturers. And this is strict control in accordance with the norms of the European Union. We also want to assure you that PVC material is completely non-toxic and can be actively used even in the food industry.

Second reason. It is our experience. For more than 10 years the company "Zavesa-Ukraine" has been successfully cooperating with large enterprises of Ukraine. We carry out delivery to all settlements, including Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkov.

Third reason. Individual approach. By contacting us, you will receive not only high-quality goods at the best prices, but also the consultation of our specialists. And they, in turn, will listen to you, weigh the pros and cons. And they will help you choose the most effective option according to your needs and capabilities.

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