Car wash curtains

Car wash bay screens

Car wash bay screensCar washes often have several sections for individual work with each car separately.

At different times, cars enter the car wash. And there is a situation when one car is already being served, and the next one is just starting to be washed. Therefore, various restrictive means are used between the platforms to avoid splashing on the already washed car.

PVC curtains are the most effective and inexpensive way to divide work areas in a car wash.

Advantages of PVC curtains for car wash

Separation of platforms at the car wash

far from the only advantage of using PVC curtains

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Along with this, it is also necessary to highlight:

  • provide separation of washing places for cars, which avoids unforeseen expenses of time and money for washing each car
  • have a simple design that is easy enough to mount in openings of varying complexity
  • easily dismantled, serviced and washed during operation
  • environmentally friendly, fireproof and harmless to the human body
  • practically unaffected by chemicals used in car washes, and are highly durable, which ensures their sufficiently long service life
  • transparent curtains made of PVC material allow to visually observe the process of staff work
  • protect from moisture ingress into adjacent rooms for staff and visitors
  • are used as a thermal curtains and protection from dust and insects at entrances and gates
  • use at temperatures from -50 to +90 degrees, without losing their qualities

Examples of car wash curtains

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