Swing doors for restaurant, cafe and bar

Doors play an important role in the interior of a restaurant, cafe and bar

A convenient and high-capacity door is invisible to an establishments visitors, by being comfortable to use. For such purposes, PVC swing doors are best suited. Lightweight and strong enough they open in both directions. It is these qualities that have made the product so popular and in demand.

Design features and advantages of swing doors

Swing doors can be deployed both at the entrance and inside the establishment were they are used to separate booths, rooms and halls.

Swing doors can be single-leaf or double-leaf

swing doors for restaurants, cafes and barsAs a rule, swing doors for bars, cafes, restaurants are equipped with transparent doors or have transparent elements at the level of a person’s head. So that the person can see people walking towards him during the door opening .

Swing doors are mounted without a frame. And this allows the entire opening to be used to organize the structure. The doors do not have a bridging, therefore, to organize their tight fit to the wall and between themselves, special seals are used. These elements provide both heat and sound insulation of the room.

The design of the opening mechanism provides for the possibility of adjusting the position of the leaves. In the future, it will be possible with its help to eliminate inaccuracies in the door operation.

Swing doors for restaurant, cafe and bar

swing doors for restaurantsPVC strip restaurant swing doors are a structure that consists of a lightweight but durable aluminum frame. The frame is made from a tubular extrusion. Door leaves swing to one side and the other on hinges. The hinges are fixed to the ceiling and floor. The fittings are complemented by a return mechanism that helps the door leaves snap into place.

Installation and adjustment of the swing door

When determining the place for installing the swing door, it is necessary to considering that a certain space is required on both sides for the door to be allowed to swing open fully.

Door installation works are performed in the following sequence:
  • Filing a request. The customer determines the parameters of the door and submits a request to our company.
  • Measurement. Company employees go to the site and take all measurements. The technical details of the project are agreed with the client.
  • Manufacturing. We manufacture doors according to the project.
  • Marking. On-site laser marking of the doorway is made.
  • Installation. We mount an axle with a door closer on the floor, set it along the axes. We install fasteners on the door leaf in the corners. We install the doors on the lower and upper axles. We install fittings, seals.
  • Adjusting. We adjust the main position of the leafs and their correct operation in two directions.

If you decide to buy and install swing doors in a cafe, bar or restaurant, please contact the Zavesa-Ukraine company. We will make doors of any complexity for your establishment. We have quality materials and components in Kyiv. Professional execution, reasonable prices, quality assurance for all products.

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