Swing doors

Swing doors – an effective solution

Swing doorsQuite often, in restaurants and cafes, in production, in an office, in a warehouse or in a public place, it becomes necessary to zone any room or to delimit areas with different temperature regimes, or to prevent the leakage of unpleasant odors. Often the challenge is to ensure that the employee does not have to stop and close the door behind him. This is especially important when the employee’s hands are often busy. It is important that the door closes on its own. And also to ensure the free movement of employees or visitors in both directions of entry-exit. In this case, the installation of a traditional door is not always justified. Surely in this situation, swing doors will be the best option.

Conveniences and advantages of swing doors

Room insulation

far from the only advantage of using swing traffic doors

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Along with this, it is also necessary to highlight:

  • unobstructed flow in both directions
  • protection of staff and visitors from drafts, sounds, odors and dust
  • the ability to maximum maintaining humidity and temperature indicators in rooms
  • increased strength and environmental friendliness
  • the ability to adjust the return mechanism for speed and force

Types of swing doors

  • single-leaf and double-leaf
  • equipped with and without bumpers
  • with windows and solid
  • pvc or stainless steel cover
  • hard and soft
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Separately, we would like to dwell on flexible pendulum gates. Usually swing gates are installed in the openings for the movement of loading equipment

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