Flexible windows

Flexible and soft windows – aesthetic protection

installation of flexible windowsA gazebo, an open veranda, a terrace, a pavilion, a flower garden are favorite places of solitude with the opportunity to enjoy nature. But sometimes wonderful moments of relaxation are disturbed by weather conditions. Strong wind, rain, snow and annoying insects. What can you do in order not to deprive yourself of a great opportunity to relax? You need to protect your vacation spot and make it more comfortable. An excellent option in this case are flexible windows. They have a presentable look and excellent expluatation performance. Flexible windows, also called flexible curtains are an alternative to expensive glass structures.

Features of flexible windows

For the manufacture of flexible windows, a high-quality harmless transparent elastic film is used – polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is distinguished by high resistance to alkalis, acids, solvents, as well as extraordinary strength and excellent heat resistance. In addition, PVC does not burn in air. The thickness of PVC for soft curtains is 500 microns. Polyvinyl chloride canvases can be soldered to each other or to other materials, what allows to achieve unique design options. And these are non-standard sizes, and shapes, and colored frames.

About advantages of flexible windows

Room insulation

far from the only advantage of using flexible windows

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By opting for flexible windows, you will never regret, since they have a number of advantages:

  • low price, much cheaper than glass windows
  • let in up to 90% of sunlight
  • effectively protect the building from insects, dust, wind, etc.
  • quickly and easily lend themselves to assembly and disassembly
  • protect from extraneous noise
  • UV resistance
  • made of safe and non-toxic material
  • long term of use. With proper care – up to 10 years
  • easy care, doesn’t require special products
  • strength, withstand strong gusts of wind
  • waterproofness
  • high temperature resistance from -40°С to +70°С
  • ease to use. If desired, flexible windows can be rolled up
  • widespread use. For pavilions, terraces, verandas, summer cafes, balconies and loggias and others
  • resistance to mold and mildew

All this once again proves the versatility, practicality, beauty and the need to purchase flexible windows for pavilions and other open buildings. By purchasing soft windows, you can ensure yourself a wonderful pastime in any season of the year and day in your favorite corners of the garden and at home.

The cost of flexible windows manufacturing

installation of flexible windowsDuring installation, our specialists consider all the wishes of the customer. This is the desired fittings, and the presence of edging, and personal measurements. By the way, measurements can be taken either by our craftsmen or by the customer himself. In our work, we use soft curtains and accessories from trusted manufacturers. That allows you to give a confident guarantee for the product as a whole.

Installation cost depends on:
  • complexity and shape of the window. It is considered which surface in size and shape needs to be “glazed”
  • fasteners used during installation
  • the material of the structure on which the flexible window will be attached. Is it wood or brick, concrete or metal
  • manufacturer of PVC films and fasteners
  • object location

Examples of PVC flexible windows

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First reason. That in the manufacture of PVC products, we use only European quality materials. Direct deliveries from European manufacturers. And this is strict control in accordance with the norms of the European Union. We also want to assure you that PVC material is completely non-toxic and can be actively used even in the food industry.

Second reason. It is our experience. For more than 10 years the company "Zavesa-Ukraine" has been successfully cooperating with large enterprises of Ukraine. We carry out delivery to all settlements, including Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkov.

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