How to choose a PVC curtain

Steps for PVC curtain choosing

How to choose a PVC curtain? The effectiveness of using PVC curtains has long been proven many times. Therefore, many enterprises, warehouses, trade and other organizations actively use these products. The advantages of using PVC curtains are more or less obvious. This means saving costs for cooling and heating, maintaining the temperature regime, and protecting against noise, dust, birds and insects. To select PVC curtains, it is necessary to take into account:

  1. Measure the size of the opening.
  2. Choose a mounting method.
  3. Consider the operating conditions.

How to measure the size of the opening

It’s simple. Determine the height and width of the opening. This is the main indicator when choosing and placing an order for the supply of PVC curtains. To get a quote, be sure to start by measuring the dimensions of the opening. Be sure to consider the evenness of the walls and ceiling. If there are irregularities, then the minimum and maximum size must be specified. In fact, if the deviations are significant, then we recommend eliminating such irregularities. Otherwise, the efficiency of using PVC curtains will be reduced.

How to choose a mounting method for PVC curtains

PVC curtains

Usually, a plate or a so-called comb is used to fix PVC curtains. But the plate itself is attached to the ceiling or wall. If there is an even and most importantly reliable ceiling in the opening or in the door, then the comb is attached to the ceiling of the opening. And, if the reliability of the ceiling is in doubt, then the plate is attached to the wall just above the opening. The plate for fixing PVC curtains can be installed on the wall both indoors and outdoors. The main thing when fixing the plate to the wall at the edge of the height of the PVC tape . The plates and combs themselves come in different thicknesses and lengths. And also made of galvanized or stainless steel.

Take into account the operating conditions of PVC curtains

In order to ensure the expected effect of using PVC curtains thermal curtains, it is imperative to take into account the operating conditions. Consider the operating conditions when choosing PVC curtains. For details about the operating conditions and the parameters that they affect, read the next article.
Get advice from our specialists. They will help you quickly choose the option of PVC curtains for your requirements and offer several options.